Summer Wrap Up – Returning to California

Summer Wrap Up – Returning to California
news_water_wingsFirst I want to thank all of you for coming to the Beach Weekend. It was a lot of fun and I loved seeing you all and teaching again. Thanks attempting some of those crazy new partner poses and sharing your weekend with me.

This summers been good hot weather with occasional thunderstorms, really big hair, which translates to very high humidity, hot sand, and over 80 degree ocean temperature, all of which I love.
news_yoga_posesWhy is it that no matter where or how long your vacation is, it’s not until the end that everything really clicks? I’ve been here for two and a half months, and just now I’ve been meeting friends and going out, having a lot of fun.  I got back into golfing and met a great bunch of women who golf together on Tuesdays, then go out for dinner and drinks. Plus I’ve gotten to know a few cute potential Cabana boys*.

I’m so excited about the fall and my new schedule. Most of the classes are the same; I’m just adding a couple and taking one away and changing a few of the levels. Not that any of you ever look at the levels, so it’s really for all the new students that will be flocking to the classes.
news_mantleI want to thank all of you for being really kind to new students. It says a lot for you to open up to them and make them feel welcome. It’s challenging just to get people to come in the door, so the more we can make them feel welcome the better.

Also if you know of anyone who is ready to start Yoga I’m teaching a 4-week Intro to Yoga series on Saturday at 4pm in the afternoons. There’s break in the middle of the series, so hopefully it won’t take much time out of their weekend. It’s a great way to help someone get into yoga without you having to drag their butts with you to your class.

Yin is back twice a month on Wednesday evening, wearing your Pajama’s would be fine. I am really trying to build a mediation practice and I need your help. I think together we can make this class work to open our hips and clear our heads to sit. Let’s face it, there is an awful lot of Yang out there, so I think a bit of Yin would be grand.

Tuesday evenings I’m starting a late class at the Yoga and Movement Center in Walnut Creek. I love Diane’s studio and wanted a later class, so any of you please come and help me build this class, as it’s always challenging to begin at a new place. Familiar faces are helpful.

One way to really bump up your practice is to do these 3- hour intensives that I set up once a month. It’s different from the regular classes, as we take our time and really work on some things, which leaves loads of time for very long Savasana’s. So this means that if you have been in the beginning classes for years, it’s time to try something new.

If enough of you show up, I promise to wear PINK**!

Sorry I couldn’t find a slot for a class at Downtown Yoga in Pleasanton, but hopefully you guys can come down to Danville once in awhile. I’ll try again in January.

Don’t forget that Tony Briggs is coming to Diablo Yoga Center October 6th. He is my main teacher full of spice and loads of information.
news_mom_lauren_brunoSo now that the Hurricanes are churning and heading this way, so it’s time for me to hit the road. As much as I love my Mother, it sometimes gets to be a bit trying since they have that ability to be able to revert you back into 15 years old? She is doing much better with cardiac rehab and getting stronger each week. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned about heart conditions. Do you realize that the signs for a heart attack for women can be anything from an upper backache, which Mom had to just a pain in the jaw. So pay attention to what you are feeling and get it checked out.

So once again we are heading north this time to Boston then Chicago before heading west. Can’t wait to get be home and see everyone and start my new schedule.

Feel free to email me any questions or concerns you may have, or if you just want to chat.

Let’s have a great fall, see you soon,


*Cabana boys are lovely gentlemen that I want to take home and train them to become the perfect yoga assistants. This of course they know nothing about.

**Pink is not my favorite color.