Class Descriptions

Beginners Yoga

In this class we break poses down to understand them and to find more comfort and ease. We labeled it beginner, but it is good for anyone who wants a slowed down class.

Chair Yoga

This class uses a chair for stability so your can get deeper into stretches. It’s not all sitting, we stand using the chair in many different ways. All levels welcome

Fit and Fabulous

Get Fit first thing in the morning, then feel Fabulous all day! Only 30 minutes of HIIT (hight intensity interval training) done in your own home at your own pace. Personal instruction, strength, cardio and core. By the time you wake up your done!

Iyengar Yoga

More advanced then the beginner class. Having a good knowledge of the yoga poses is helpful.

Yin Yoga

This whole practice is done on the floor. Works the hips, back and hamstrings, by holds postures for 3 to 5 minutes. Good for all levels.