Workshops & Retreats

Workshop in Durham, NC

Saturday November 8th                                                                                                       1-3pm  $25

My dear friend Leslie opened up a studio  in Durham, NC and on Saturday, November 8th from 1 to 3 pm, I will be teaching a workshop. We will do a bit of Yin, Flow, and learn simple techniques that will help you grow in your daily practice.  Learn fun and interesting ways of creating a practice that will make you feel strong, flexible and relaxed.

I will also be teaching the Friday, 11/7 at 9:00 AM class for all of registered participants for FREE. Yay!

All levels welcome.

Contact Leslie to pre-register. Payment is required to reserve your space.

Leslie’s Yoga Studio, 102 Carramore Lane, Durham, NC 27705

Off Kerley Road between Cornwallis and Mt. Sinai     336.210.7369

Monthly 3 Hour IntensivesThe first Saturday of each month I will be teaching a 3 hour practice. This is a great time to work on some challenging poses by spending more time warming up to them and finding different and interesting ways to approach your practice. We will spend some time doing Pranayama, Meditation and extra long Savasanas. Each class will have a theme; Yin/Yang/Restorative, Twisting, Inversions, Arm balancing, Balance poses, Backbends, and more.

Contact the studio Island Wave Yoga to register.

3 hour Intensive

3rd Annual Napa Valley Wine Country Yoga Retreat  Spring of 2016

Details to follow

We had such a fabulous retreat this year we are heading back in 2016 to Mayacamas in Calistoga, CA for a fabulous 3 nights and 4 days of yoga, relaxation, wine tasting and more. It’s going to be a great combination of Carolina and California friends/students there. Please call me if you have any questions or concerns.

Private sessions and semi private, groups, parties, special events, conferences

I am available for private yoga classes or any special functions, parties, or  groups, conferences and just one to one specialize yoga for you personally.

If you have a special needs or an injury that makes it difficult to attend class, or if you travel or just want to practice on your own at home I can create a practice just for you.

Teacher Training Mentorship

There are many teacher training programs these days, and many are away from home. How to you transition from being a student to being a teacher? Do you have questions, or concerns? Do you need to observe some more classes? Would you like to assist in classes?

We can work out a program to help you become a strong well rounded teacher.  Contact me for details.

Traveling Yogi’s and Yogini’s Trading Places

Every year and sometimes twice a year I go to Northern California Bay Area to teach classes for awhile. I would love to have someone come here to the Myrtle Beach area and take over my classes here. I have spent the past few years building up these classes and would love a great teacher to continue to keep the students and grow the practice as well. 

If you have any interest in coming to this area, perhaps to check out relocating, visiting family, or for vacation please contact me. I would love to share this thriving community with you.

I’ve been teaching since 1994 and ran a yoga studio for 10 years. I’m Iyengar based but fuse in many different styles. Contact me for references.


These are some of my past workshops:

Yoga for Tight Men, Yin Yoga, The Dogs: upward and downward, Inversions: Handstand, Headstand and Shoulder Stand, Head Wrap Restorative, Yoga Movement, Opening the heart with Backbends, Developing a Home Practice, and the usual Shoulders, Back, and Hips. Also very popular are my 3 hour Intensives.

If you are interested in any of these workshops let me know.