Personal Training

Personal Training Valentines Special for February

Couples Personal Training Session

1/2 Hour $45

This is for Friends and Partners too!!

Boot camp Begins January 2016

Friday Mornings  8:30-9:15am

$50 per month

Get fit and have fun with 45mins of metabolic training.

  • Work at your own pace
  • Stations set up
  • Instruction
  • Variety in exercises

It’s a great way to build strength, cardio and get healthy in a short amount of time.

Space is limited. No drop ins


Private Personal Training/ and Private Yoga Sessions

Personal Training

Reasons for private personal training:

  1. Are you tired of joining the gym… again?
  2. It’s been awhile since you’ve exercised.
  3. Low energy.
  4. Body feels weak.
  5. Need motivation.
  6. Dealing with an injury or problem area.
  7. Weight loss.

Let me help you jump start your way to health.

Creative specialized programs designed for you.

30/45/60 Minute Sessions

(Contact me for pricing options)

Call for a Consultation


Isn’t it time you invested in yourself.

 Trainings available in Pawleys at:

B Balanced LLC
“A wellness studio for the heart, body, and soul.”
263 Commerce Drive, Suite 203 & 204
Pawleys Island, SC 29585
(843) 833-1998

Private Yoga

Reasons for private yoga sessions:

  1. Injury or recovery from surgery.
  2. Create a home practice for yourself.
  3.  Bump up your practice.
  4. Work on poses that give you problems.
  5. Don’t like group classes.
  6. Never been to a class and want to know some basics before attending.
  7. Have some questions about your practice.

Sometimes just a little special attention can do a world of good in your practice.

1 hour sessions available at:

Resolutions Personal Training Studio  in Surfside

Island Wave Yoga in  Pawleys Island

BBalanced Studio in Pawleys Island  (you can have a 1/2 hour personal training and a 1/2 hour private yoga session)

At your own home

Contact me for pricing.